About Us

We have always been great lovers of pets, in particular Cats and Dogs. 

Unfortunately I have suffered with depression for the majority of my life, but having pets around always seemed to help me. Comfort, companionship, and love. If depression makes you feel lonely, pets can break the cycle.

Cats and Dogs offer unconditional love, which can be extraordinarily soothing when feeling isolated or down. 

My Dog would help me shake off feelings of worthlessness. My pup was always right there beside me offering comfort and love, reminding me that even through the toughest of times, they were always there right beside me. 

There's something very special about the love and companionship a pet gives you. Animals are very connected in ways that people aren't. 

Cats and Dogs can pick you up when you're not quite right, down or distressed in any way. 

Growing up, we had a beautiful ginger Staffordshire Bull Terrier whippet cross, called Jess. She saved me on a number of occasions. As a sufferer of epilepsy for the majority of my life, I was always at risk of injury, never more so than when I was in a house fire back in 2002. It was just me and my Dog home that night when I had an epileptic fit and became unconscious. A fire started in the kitchen and spread through the whole house. From what I can remember, my dog tugged at me and licked my face just enough to bring me round, to be able to open the front door. When the fire brigade arrived, they said that if another 5 minutes had passed, it would've been fatal. 

Cats and Dogs have always played a big part in my life and this is what inspired me to start this Dog and Cat Store, to bring fulfilling moments to pets and their owners.

So please: